Top Nine Tricks to Help Prevent Roof Damage This Winter
Rooftop of a residential house on a winter evening.

Rooftop of a residential house on a winter evening.

Now that winter is here, it’s time to address typical winter roofing issues. After all, the colder temperature in Florida winters is tough on roofs. There are numerous problems that, if not resolved quickly, can result in expensive roof repairs, from leaky flashing to icy cold winds loosening asphalt shingles. You must take safety measures to safeguard your roof from the cold weather if you don’t want to cause unintended winter damage.

We’ve put together a list of valuable and practical tips to safeguard your roof and ensure it doesn’t sustain winter weather damage.

9 Ways to Prevent Roof Damage This Winter

1. Check Your Roof

How recently did you inspect your roof? Do it immediately if it has been a while. You’d be surprised by how detrimental a seemingly-small issue can become if it goes unnoticed for a while. Small cracks and weak spots, for instance, may not seem dangerous at first, but they can develop into more serious issues and leave your roof susceptible to snow and ice damage. These may result in leaks, mold growth, and wood decay. Regularly inspecting your roof allows you to make repairs before they worsen.

2. Roof Debris Should be Removed

An accident is just waiting to happen if there’s debris on your roof. Shingles can develop cracks or even move from their positions if little objects are blown around on them by the wind. Moist leaf piles can develop into molds. Pests are drawn to stray nuts or berries. The roof must be cleaned of all these potential issues towards the end of the fall season so as to secure it for the coming winter months. Just be careful to do it safely.

3. Repair and Clean Your Gutters

Water is gathered and dumped away from the foundation of your house by the gutter and drain system around the edge of your roof. Clogs cause your gutters and rooftop to accumulate standing water. When this happens, mildew and mold will soon follow. Pests can also find homes to nest in clogged gutters, so keeping them clean and clear is a very good idea.

4. Check Your Shingles

If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, it’s crucial to scrutinize it for damage. Strong winds can easily rip off cracked or loose shingles, leaving areas of your roof vulnerable to winter damage. Also, search your attic for any holes with slivers of light coming in through them. Repairing damaged shingles and adding missing ones keeps water from penetrating your roof.

A closeup of oak tree leaves and branches.

5. Trim Nearby Tree Branches

Dropping temperatures and winter winds can loosen branches. These, in turn, may crack and fall on your roof, thus damaging the shingles. Overhanging branches also have the potential to scratch their surface and damage their protective layer. If branches fall onto your roof, snow and ice may accumulate and hinder drainage.

Trim branches six feet or less from your roof as soon as possible to avoid problems when winter weather arrives.

6. Reseal Around Skylights, Piping, and Other Fixtures

Every hole drilled into your roof, whether for satellite installation or appliance venting, increases the risk of water seeping into your house. Many products can prevent moisture from entering. Depending on the materials you use, they may require retouching frequently. Flashing that has been damaged, and other materials might need to be replaced. The best time to reseal these holes is in the fall to prevent water from leaking inside and wreaking havoc.

7. Set Up Electric Heat Cables

You can attach electric heat wires to your roof to prevent ice dams. To stop melting water from cooling down enough to freeze, install them in a zigzag pattern around the edge of the roofline and gutters. This will prevent the water from freezing and forming ice dams and allow it to flow to the ground. Although it may not be better in terms of aesthetics, this setup can effectively avoid ice dams.

8. Treat the Mold and Mildew

Have you noticed a green, yellow, or black gloss on your shingles? You may be dealing with moss, algae, mildew, or mold issues. These emit a foul smell and have the potential to harm your shingles and the sheathing underneath. Consult your roofer for advice on the safest and most potent products to eliminate such intrusive growths.

9. Take Action to Prevent Pest Damage

While it’s lovely to have squirrels and birds living in the trees surrounding your house, in the winter, they may be drawn inside by the warmth. Squirrels and other small animals can easily hop over overhanging branches and find a way onto your roof in order to be warm and snug. This frequently results in undesired roof damage as well as new pest issues.

We advise hiring a professional to clean your roof if there are indications of a bug or animal infestation. Doing it yourself isn’t worth the work, and you could get bitten and hurt if you don’t have the correct tools. To stop future animal intrusions, all the damaged areas and entry points must be sealed off completely.

Final Words

Winter roof preparation improves your home’s energy efficiency while keeping your family safe, comfortable, and healthy. A functioning roof also keeps out winds and harmful pests and allows you to enjoy cheaper energy bills. No matter the weather this winter, taking a preventative approach is the best way to keep your roof safe from damage.

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